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From the roots...

The Mazza family handed down the tradition of coral manufacturing, typical of Torre del Greco, from generation to generation.


Since 1866, we have been carrying on our business from father to son: with passion, perseverance and dedication we have distinguished ourselves as one of the oldest and best known coral and cameo companies on the slopes of Vesuvius.


Over the years, we have taken care of preserving the tradition and the charm of memories, adapting craftsmanship to modern art in step with the times. nowadays

Bruno Mazza, father and head of the family business, together with his wife Virginia, continues to pass on the passion and desire to carry on the tradition to their children, Brunella and Salvatore, who represent our future.


Born exclusively as coral producers, we have broadened our horizons by also becoming expert precious stones and pearls craftsmen.

Pursuing the ambitious mission of getting the centenary artisan tradition of our family and of the city of Torre del Greco known all over the world, we work for and with our customers, welcoming and developing increasingly original advices and ideas.  

After years of history, still today we are fully committed to create totally hand-made artisan products, from the "simple" coral wire to jewels assembled with gold and silver, up to peculiar but absolutely unique objects.

Coral ・ Torre del Greco ・ Cameo

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