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Red coral has been used for ages to create jewels and artworks, mainly mounted on gold and silver to craft earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

The history of Torre del Greco is deeply intertwined with that of coral, at the point that they have been documented alongside since the fifteenth century. After flourishing years of fishing and coral processing, the Royal Coral Company was established in the city of Torre del Greco in 1790, precisely with the idea of working and selling the coral brought by the fishermen.

In the following centuries, the citizens began to work also with the coral from Sciacca and from the Pacific Ocean. In 1878, a school for coral processing was built in the city, where a coral museum was established in 1933.

Today, in Torre del Greco, there is a regulatory plan that guarantees the sustainability of coral fishing and its safeguarding of the marine habitat to continue the tradition and keep the Vesuvian city the most important center in the world regarding coral craftsmanship, with over 2000 employees in the industry.

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